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June 2022

More and more businesses and organizations are learning how easy it is to be Dementia Friendly.

Look for the Dementia Friendly decal in the windows and websites of these good neighbors, and please support them:

  • Old National Bank, Saline

  • True Community Credit Union, Saline

  • Bethel United Church of Christ

  • Brecon Village

  • Holy Faith Church

  • Whitepine Art Studio

  • Fine Print Book Shop

  • YogaCentric Studio

  • Key Realty

  • Perfect Pair

  • City Government of Saline

  • Borer Family Chiropractic

  • Saline Robison-Bahnmiller Funeral Home

  • Nu2u Resale


Dementia friendly organizations have learned, through our free 45 minute workshop, easy ways to make it less difficult for persons dealing with dementia to be their customer or member. Contact Jim Mangi

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ONB Jim Mangi presents to Lisa Grimmette_Crop.jpg
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Newest Dementia Friend:
Old National Bank, Saline   

In February 2021 the Saline branch of Old National Bank invited Dementia Friendly Saline to conduct a specifically tailored workshop showing the branch staff how easy it is for them to make it less difficult for their customers dealing with brain changes to do their banking with them.


Staff commented that the workshop would be immediately helpful in their work at the bank—and also in their own lives and neighborhoods.

We presented ONB with a certificate and window clings recognizing the branch as a Dementia Friendly business. Also left with the bank was a supply of dementia-related brochures and fact sheets from the National Institutes of Health and the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Laura at True.jpg
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True Federal Credit Union, Saline

The Saline branch of True Federal Credit Union (the former CPFCU) has become a Dementia Friendly business.


Jim Mangi worked with EHM’s Laura Main to tailor this session specifically to the issues and challenges involving the interaction of persons with dementia and the financial services sector. In doing so, Laura was able to draw not only on her dementia care professional expertise, but also on her previous career experience in the banking industry. 


Credit Union manager Cassandra Halsey called the workshop "An eye opening experience" as she explained that now she could better understand what she was seeing in some of the credit union's clientele.


After the workshop, which was conducted via Zoom, Laura Main (on loan from EHM Senior Solutions) paid the credit union a visit to present Nancy Schwyn with a Dementia Friendly certificate and window cling. 

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Jim presents to EHM CEO Thom Hosinski (1).jpg
EHM Senior Solutions, Saline

In August 2019, sixteen employees of EHM Senior Solutions completed a Dementia Friends workshop under the expert guidance of personnel from the Area Agency on Aging 1-B. Then, 10 EHM personnel received further training as Dementia Champions, qualifying them to lead Dementia Friends sessions themselves. One of these EHM employees has become the first internationally certified Dementia Champion in Michigan as she was very active the Dementia Friendly Community movement over 10 years ago where it began, the United Kingdom. 


From the very first discussion about forming Dementia Friendly Saline in late 2019 through to today, EHM has been a rock-solid supporter of and participant in our efforts toward a Dementia Friendly community. 


EHM and Dementia Friendly Saline’s efforts to spread awareness of dementia and enhance dementia friendliness throughout the community were of course slowed down by the Covid 19 pandemic. EHM’s commitment to excellence and compassionate service enabled it to weather this crisis remarkably well, and as we get past this pandemic in the foreseeable future, Dementia Friendly Saline looks forward to continued productive collaboration with EHM and its dedicated personnel.


We recently made a pandemic-delayed presentation to EHM’s Brecon Village as a dementia friendly facility; it was actually the first organization in Saline to train its personnel in dementia friendly practices. EHM Senior Solutions CEO Thom Hosinski expressed his organization’s support for efforts throughout the community to help persons dealing with dementia live their best lives.

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