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Dementia Friends Session

Dementia Friends are community members who have attended a free, 45 minute Dementia Friends information session. They’ve earned recognition as Dementia Friends (and a cool pin to wear!).  


A Dementia Friendly Organization is any business, church, club or other organization whose employees or members have attended a free Dementia Friendly workshop. These 1 hour sessions are tailored to show how each organization can easily adapt its interactions with customers or members to make the experience less difficult for persons living with dementia and their care partners. Besides benefiting those persons, it’s also good business. Participants get Dementia Friends Lapel Pins, and window clings and website icons announcing their Dementia Friendly Status.  


For more information or to schedule a Dementia Friends session contact Jim Mangi


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Be a Dementia Friend or a Dementia Friendly Organization

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