Dementia Friends

What are Dementia Friends? 

They are community members who have attended one Dementia Friends information session. They’ve earned recognition as Dementia Friends (and a cool pin to wear!). The 1 hour session discusses what dementia is, the difficulties that people living with dementia encounter making their way in the community, and simple ways in which ordinary citizens can make the lives of their friends and neighbors with dementia less difficult. Dementia Friends are a key part of a dementia friendly community, and Saline is one of only two such communities in Michigan. The free Dementia Friends sessions are presented by Dementia Champions trained by the Dementia Friendly America organization.

Why Attend?

We know that most persons with Alzheimer’s or other dementias are not sequestered in special facilities; instead, they are living in the community, alone or with their partners or families, and these friends and neighbors of ours  experience special day to day difficulties trying to make their way in the community. We cannot cure the dementia, but there are simple steps we can all learn that will allow these friends and neighbors to live their best lives with more dignity and less difficulty.

Community Friends 

Dementia Friendly Saline also offers Dementia Friends sessions to any organization or group upon request. The sessions are free and can be scheduled at your convenience. Contact us at or call (703) 395-3824.

Visit any of the links below to see current community Dementia Friends or groups working towards becoming Dementia Friends. 

Jim Mangi Interview on Dementia Friends.  Click here.