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In This Together - 

Dementia Awareness

In May-July 2019, Holy Faith Church, with the support of EHM Senior Solutions and the cooperation of the Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Great Lakes, offered the public a series of eleven weekly presentations.


The series included talks about personal dementia journeys by caregivers and by a person himself living with dementia, along with a series of Alzheimer’s Association-developed education programs such as Know the Ten Warning Signs, Understanding Alzheimer’s, Effective Communication.


There was also a panel on legal and financial planning, workshops on caregiving skills, and the series closed out by shifting to discussing dementia at the community level, i.e. the “Envisioning a Dementia Friendly Community” presentation.


At each presentation, tables full of free literature about various aspects of dementia and caregiving were available from the Alzheimer’s Association, the National Institutes of Health, and other reliable sources.


Based on audience feedback, this program will be repeated, with some refinements, with time and place to be announced, sometime in 2020.



Click here for information on our current In This Together - Dementia Awareness sessions.

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