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Come As You Are Memory Cafe

Our Next Cafe is Coming Soon!

Tuesday, July 30th

  • It's time for the Olympics!! Enjoy a Cafe full of Olympics-themed games and snacks.

Wednesday, August 21st

  • An activity with Katie Geddes

  • Presentation and art activity from the Huron Valley Humane Society. Visit with a therapy dog!

Entertainment, Relaxation, Socialization

Memory Cafés are a comfortable, social gathering in dementia friendly venues that allow people experiencing memory loss and a loved one to connect, socialize, and build new support networks. Cafés are free to attend and welcome to all. For more details, click here.


Memory Cafe in Saline, MI

Dementia Friendly Saline, in association with Holy Faith Church, hosts two "Come As You Are" Memory Cafes a month. Come late, leave early, come once, come each time, participate, or just observe. All are welcome!

We are always looking for new ideas for our Memory Cafes. If you have an idea for an activity or if you are or know someone who is an entertainer (singer/musician, magician, storyteller, etc.) please reach out to Lori Venable (

All are welcome—male, female, trans, gay, straight, person of any color, person of faith, or not so much, young, not so young, spouse, partner, friend—whatever. We are all in this dementia journey together, knowing it’s a disease, not a disgrace. 

Find a Cafe Near You

Memory Cafes are not unique to Dementia Friendly Saline. They can be found all across the country. To find one local to you, click here.

What a Memory Cafe is:

  • A meeting place for individuals living with changes in their thinking or memory.  

  • A diagnosis of dementia is not required to attend. It’s a free of charge place to relax, have fun, and meet others. 

  • A meeting place for care partners to enjoy a change of routine, and experience respite & renewal in their relationships. 

  • Structured to support and engage individuals with a range of cognitive changes, and their care partners.

  • A time to focus on socializing and exploring TOGETHER. 

  • A program that strives for inclusion. This includes physical accessibility, respect for and inclusiveness of different cultures, and freedom from stigma.

What a Memory Cafe is NOT:

  • NOT a workshop, seminar or lecture about dementia.

  • NOT a facilitated support group. (Although the Café is a supportive environment.) 

  • NOT a drop-off respite program. (It’s a place for partners to interact with each other in new ways.)

Click here to learn more about Memory Cafes.

All Cafes are held at:

Holy Faith Church

6299 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd,

Saline, MI 48176

Click to Visit Website

Join us from 2-4 p.m. 


RSVPs are helpful but not necessary. You may RSVP to Lori Venable (


Wednesday, July 17

Tuesday, July 30

Wednesday, August 21

Tuesday, September 3

Wednesday, September 18

Tuesday, October 1

Wednesday, October 16

Tuesday, October 29

Wednesday, November 20

Tuesday, December 3

Wednesday, December 18

Are you interested in starting a Memory Cafe in your area?

We want to help!

Please contact Lori Venable at

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