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Alzheimer's: A Disease,

Not a Disgrace 

In this talk, Saline resident Jim Mangi discusses his 11-year long – so far – “Unwelcome Journey™”, caring for his wife after she developed younger onset Alzheimer’s at age 58. He uses that narrative to help people and families learn about the disease, how to recognize it, acquire caregiving skills, and get help.


“Too many people know too little about this disease, or about the resources available to help deal with it.” Jim says, “So people living with demen­tia and their care partners often feel isolated, helpless, shunned. But there’s no disgrace in Alzheimer’s” he assures his audience, “and no one, and no family, need deal with it alone.”


Handouts at Jim’s free talks contain a compendium of links to and sources for dementia information and support resources. Also available are free brochures, booklets and fliers from the likes of the Alzheimer’s Association, the National Institutes of Health and other reliable sources. 


Contact us for a presentation of Disease Not A Disgrace. 

We hope to encourage other caregivers, as well as persons living with dementia, to come forward to tell their own stories, perhaps in a group storytelling event. If you are interesting in telling your story as a person with dementia or as a caregiver, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at or call (703) 395-3824.

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