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Speakers Bureau

Dementia Friendly Saline personnel are available to speak to your group—in person when that is feasible, via zoom until then-- on several aspects of dementia and caregiving.

Jim Mangi, PhD

Jim Mangi, a retired business owner and environmental scientist, talks about his journey, caregiving for his wife since 2008, in his “Alzheimer’s: It’s a Disease Not A Disgrace”.  In presenting this talk to dozens of groups throughout Southeast Michigan Jim talks about the mistakes he made especially in the early years of the journey, and how he learned to climb out of the Egyptian River—Denial, and get on with providing the best care he could for his wife. The talk includes information on what Alzheimer’s Disease, and other dementias are, the problems they cause, and some ideas about how to deal with them.


Envisioning a Dementia Friendly Community is another talk Jim, and other personnel of Dementia Friendly Saline have presented to various groups in Washtenaw County. The talk is a virtual tour of real examples from Dementia Friendly Communities nationwide of a wide variety of businesses (stores, banks, restaurants etc.) and organizations (e.g. churches, arts and culture) and government agencies that have learned how to operate in ways that make interacts less difficult for persons with dementia and their caregivers.  The talk also discusses how Saline became a Dementia Friendly Community, and how other municipalities can do so too.


Charlene Mangi, MS

Charlene Mangi, the adult child of a person dealing with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, is also trained as a psychologist. Charlene shares her distinctive perspective on watching her mom as she began to show the disease effects, and watching her dad, Jim, as he began to deal with the new reality of his married life.


All presentations are free, and adaptable to settings and audience. If you are interested, please contact Jim at

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