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Why DFS?


What does Dementia Friendly Saline want to do?

  • EDUCATE residents, businesses and organizations about dementia and the difficulties that persons with dementia, and their caregivers, experience in our community day to day.


  • SUGGEST ways that residents, businesses and organizations can show their dementia friendliness, with simple person-to-person courtesies, or by adjusting operations to make it easier for persons with dementia and their caregivers to do business, or interact, with them. 

  • INFORM persons with dementia, and their caregivers and families, about the disease, and about caregiving and support; offer them also opportunities for connecting with one another  and socialization.

How much will this cost?

For an individual, it costs nothing other than to be a little more courteous and respectful.


For businesses and organizations, the cost is pretty much the same. In fact, for the “cost” of having some employees attend a roughly one-hour workshop, owners and managers may find that they have won back some business from persons with dementia, and their caregivers, who found it too confusing or challenging to continue doing business with them

Is this another government program?

Nope. This is a voluntary community initiative, not a government mandate. However, Mayor Brian Marl, and Councilwoman Christen Mitchell have been public supporters of this grassroots effort from its inception, and we welcome the support, participation and leadership by example of the City Government.

The Dementia Friendly Saline initiative stemmed from In This Together - Dementia Awareness,  an innovative  program offered to the public  in May-July 2019 by Holy Faith Church, with the support of EHM Senior Solutions, and the Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Great Lakes Chapter.


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